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Wednesday, March 27





Keynote with Reyna Grande HTH ForumReyna Grande "This is Water": Student-Led Group Discussions HTE 217Alison Jussaume Amping up Authenticity with Career-Connected, Community-Centered PBL HTE 115Adrienne Dickinson • Sara Nachtigal Architects of Student Voice HTHI 222Arlyn Shelton • Alex Campbell Art, Protocols, and Student Performance HTHI 123Cindy Elkins • Josán Perales Beyond Curriculum: Students as Designers and Leaders of Their Own Learning Experience HTM 1Nancy Caruso • Kader Adjout Bridging the Gaps for Project Success: Creating Student Supports that Enable Access and Independence HTM 4Christopher Buonamia College Curriculum in the Core Classroom HTHI 124Matt Leader Deeper Learning for Grown Ups! HTE 129Reggie Breland • Laura Flaxman From Letter Grades to Learning: A New Model of Assessment for Classroom Teachers HTE 207Mike Amarillas • Matt Haupert Game the System: How to Scale Up Innovative Approaches to Project-Based Learning HTHI 127Patrick LaClair • Lori Lisai How Deeper Learning Can Create a New Vision for Teaching HTHI 122Monica Martinez • John Bosselman I'm Going to Let You In On A Little Secret: It's Really ALL About the Learners! HTHI 215Brenda Vogds If You Give a Kid a Purpose: Creating Cross-Curricular Projects to Transform Communities HTE 208Amy Brownlee • Hilary Simpson Intentionally Creating Belonging for Queer Students in Schools HTE 203B Wiesen • Julie Ruble Is Your School Achieving Equity? Brainstorming Alternative Holistic Measures of School Quality HTM 6Felicia Sullivan Leading the Circus: A Dramatic Extravaganza HTE 114Rody Boonchouy • Matt Best Occupy the Seminar: Harkness Lessons from Street Activism HTHI 218Joe Haley One Degree Shift HTE 215Katrice Quitter PBL Evidence Framework: A Road Map for Deeper Learning HTE 202Sally Kingston • Lisa Mireles Productive Struggle -> Not Just for Students! HTM 7Vladimir Serrato • Crystal Maglio Real-World Learning Meets Deeper Learning HTM 12Casey Lamb RJ for School Leaders: Pitching Restorative Justice to Your Staff HTE 221Hannah Williams • Nicholas Bradford Schema-Based Teaching: Reconciling Deeper Learning with the Common Core HTM 5Caroline Hammel School Transformation through Ethnic Studies, Dual Language, STEAM, and Restorative Justice HTE 109Camila Hernandez Obi-Tabot • Karla Gandiaga We Are Not Their Saviors: Establishing Adult Culture That Leads to Student Success HTM 8Mike Brown • Sundiata Salaam What’s Whiteness Got To Do With It? Racial Identity Development in the Lives of Deeper Learning Educators HTE 122Katie Weisberg • Sarah Fine




A Deeper Delve into Differentiation HTHI 222Erica Hennessy Advancing Equity: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Standards and Indicators HTE 123Rhonda Broussard Anyone Can Be a Change Agent - Coaching for Equity HTE 129Michelle Steingart • Heather Johanson Are Your Students Really Thinking? Defining, Teaching, and Assessing Critical Thinking Skills HTE 206Carolina Riveros-Ruenes • Jeff Heyck-Williams Beyond Tests: Visual Design for Alternative and Authentic Assessments HTE 221Kawai Lai • Denise Pope Build New Numbers HTHI 122Houbin Fang But, How do we Bring PBL to the Hood Too? - What do we do about white supremacy culture in our schools? HTE 111Joe Truss Combating Digital Misinformation: Teaching Students to Read Like Fact Checkers HTM 8Joel Breakstone Community & City as Classroom: How Can We Enable Learners to Go Beyond Conventional Classroom Experiences to Engage in Authentic Learning and Work With Community Partners? HTE 108Kibos Buscovich • John Bosselman • Amanda Zhorne Culture Killing: The Death of Marginalized Cultures in Educational Curriculum HTE 215Sundiata Salaam • Mike Brown DO Sweat the Small Stuff HTE 114Steven Levy Educators Need Deeper Learning Too HTHI 107Meaghan Foster Equity at the Center: Updating Educator Competencies for Personalized, Learner-Centered Teaching HTHI 208Rebecca E. Wolfe Going Gradeless in a School That Requires Grades HTE 217Lacey Boatman Gotchya with Gatto: Dumbing us up? Strategies for Socratic Seminars HTHI 202Cecily Schmidt • Quasar Surprise How to Make Your Class Feel Like A Family: Easy Ways to Build A Community of Learners HTHI 218Iris Van Dyke Integrating Curriculum is Like Walking: Why Would You Go Back To Crawling in the Mud? HTM 4Colby Vargas • Lindsay Arado Inviting Purpose into the Classroom for Deeper Learning and Deeper Connections that Promote Equity HTE 115Heather Malin J-Term from Soup to Nuts HTHI 207Adam Norwood, Ed.D. Learner-Centered Innovation: Create the Conditions for Meaningful Change HTE 122Devin Vodicka • Katie Martin Looking at Language Like a Scientist: Linguistics in the Classroom HTE 202Nicoleta Bateman • Kelly Jacob Making Space for Equity: Student Initiated Pathways HTE 109Dan Donovan • Kimberly Rowland • Ben Garlets Partnering with our Communities to Design Better Pathways HTM 6Rocio Weiss • Reginald Breland • Robert Curtis Planting Seeds of Innovation: Swimming Deeper with Aquaponics HTHI 219Christopher Goering • Connor Leone Redefining Classroom Observations: Building Collaboration, Critical Thinking and a Culture of Learning through Formative Walkthroughs HTHI 124Rachel Wegner So You've Found Your Voice, What's Next? HTM 7Justin Sindelar • Noor Aldayeh The Hero’s Journey: Teacher Leaders as Agents of Change in School Transformation HTE 203Susan Hennessey • Emily Hoyler The Power of Students Reflection - System, Structiures, and Langauge HTHI 127David Dobson-Smith • Symon Hayes Up for Debate! Engaging Students Through Debate in Math & Science Classes HTE 208Chris Luzniak Using Scrum Boards and Prototyping: A Collaborative Approach to Authentic Problem Solving HTHI 123Kathy VanTil • Sarah Coleman When You Support LGBTQ Students, You Support All Students! HTM 1Cynthia Ramirez