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Thursday, March 28

6:30am PDT

8:00am PDT

8:30am PDT

9:00am PDT

10:30am PDT

Equity in Education: Imagining and Advancing New Learning Environments HTE 221Deborah Parizek • Nanette Gill A Method for PBL Madness HTM 1Doris Korda Be the Change - Interdisciplinary Learning through Artivism HTE 219Morgan Penza • Julia Joy Wilks • Noelle Picara Blockchain for Equity: Decentralizing and Empowering the Education Process HTE 109Kwaku Aning • Laura McBain Coping with Racial Stress: Storytelling and Racial Literacy Strategies for Healing in our Schools HTHI 202Kelsey M. Jones • Jordan Adler Creating an Inflatable Habitat for Mars HTHI 127Zachary Herrmann Creating Original Movie Scores HTM CommonsBen Krueger Deeper Assessment: Rapid Prototyping Portfolio Defense HTHI 123Alcine Mumby • Justin Wells Design the Next Super School HTM 8Alex Campbell • Alfred Solis • Ginger Spickler • Sarah Baltazar-Pinheiro Design Thinking and Making for Community Impact HTE 217Connie Liu Designing Your Future School: Developing a Five-Year Plan of Action HTHI 207James Snyder Digging Out to Freedom: Education and Liberation HTM 12Peter Rivera • Kelly Niccolls • Abby Benedetto • Tameka McGlawn Diving Deep Into Music HTM 6Victor Minces • Chris Olivas Does Your Profile Need Updating? HTHI 208Shannon Burcham • Amy Breckel Don’t Talk About it, Swing About it: Engaging Students Through Sports Technology HTE 204Jennifer Pieratt Empathy Made Art (EMA) Developing collaboration, quality work and understanding through making. Cross grade Collaboration through the Human Centered Design Process. HTHI 107Shane Duenow • Maxwell Cady Everybody Should Be Coaching HTHI 204Jim May • Matt Thompson Flight of the Endangered Species HTE 113Aaron Maurer Gamifying Education: Learning through Competition and Collaboration HTE 222Annee Ngo • Rukshana Hassanali Hack Your Practice, Change Your Culture, Share Your Story HTM 9LEIGH FITZGERALD • Peter Worth Hacking + Holonomy = Hardware HTE 122Jeff Embleton • Morgan Alconcher Hip Hop Academia: Elevating Marginalized Voices In The Classroom HTM 11Oscar Carrion • Dennis Walker Immigration - Humanization. Race - Science? What *does* it Mean to be an American? HTHI 219Phredd MatthewsWall • Gayle Kolodny Cole Introduction to PBL HTM 5Jacklyn Vasco • Mindy Ahrens Is My Change Initiative Working? How to Develop, Track, and Share a Suite of Measures to Learn About the Effectiveness of Your Reform on An Ongoing Basis HTE 208Ben Sanoff Island in the Storm - Creating and Sharing Tools, Strategies, and Roadmaps to Spread Equity Throughout Our Schools/Organizations HTE 202Louie Montoya • Jess Brown Let's Build a Space Colony! HTHI 222Jeff Lohman • Rusty Walker Once You've Seen It, You Can't Unsee it! The Power of the Make-a-thon! HTM 10Derek Runberg • Jamie Richardson Place Based Storytelling Through Film HTE 215Brian Delgado R-E-S-P-E-C-T My Inner Mathematician! HTE 114Dr. Curtis Taylor • Yekaterina Milvidskaia School House Rhyme HTE 216Timothy Jones • Michael Lipset Social Emotional Literacy: Learning is a Connection Project HTM 4Liz Remington • Debbi Arseneaux The Chocolate Deep Dive HTE 123Jessica Wood-Tech Support The Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative: A New Form of Apprenticing for Youth in the Trades HTE 206Charlie Plant • Elliot Washor Use Your Voice: Designing Wearable Art to Ignite Activism HTM 2Matt Sheelen • Zoë Randall Using Models of Beautiful Work HTE 115Ron Berger Using the Community as the Classroom: Community-Based Projects for Real World Learning HTE 203Grant Knowles • Elyse Burden We Want In: Embracing Inclusion in Our Policies and Practices HTM 7Ace Parsi We’re Acting Up! Refreshing Student-Centered Principles with an Eye on Equity HTE 207Keith Catone • Rebecca E. Wolfe Wired / ReWired: The Neuroscience of “The Brain On Bias” and What to Do About It. HTHI 124Charity Allen Write a Play in a Day! Telling our Social Justice Stories HTE 129Jessica Mele • Marc Chun You Say You Want a Revolution: Spread and Scale with Share Your Learning HTE 111Mari Jones

12:30pm PDT

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