We will keep this digital program active from DL2019 for attendees to find contacts, look at posted materials for sessions, and look back at offerings.

We hope to see you at DL2020, March 25 - 27!

Email us at info@deeper-learning.org with questions.

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Licen Shen

SanYou PBL
Shanghai, China
About Me
Mom of a 5-year-old daughter/ Passionate about PBL/ Love board games and good at connecting them to education

About SanYou
SanYou was founded in 2016. We are aiming to make quality Project Based Learning more accessible for all students in China by empowering teachers and building their capacities. By 2018, we have provided professional development in PBL to over 2000 Chinese teachers from 52 schools and 23 institutes, and influenced over 10000 students in China. Our blog is subscribed by over 10000 Chinese teachers.

As the co-founder of the organization and the director of International Collaborations, I am eager to meet, learn from and connect with all extraordinary educators at the conference, to bring best knowledges, pedagogies, projects, and resources back to Chinese teachers.