We will keep this digital program active from DL2019 for attendees to find contacts, look at posted materials for sessions, and look back at offerings.

We hope to see you at DL2020, March 25 - 27!

Email us at info@deeper-learning.org with questions.

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Alan Young

Jefferson County Teachers Association
Teacher/JCPS Educator Growth System Project Manager
Louisville, Kentucky Area
Systemic transformer, change agent, learning designer, and capacity builder at the classroom, school, district, and national levels. How do we Embrace, Engage, and Empower ALL individuals and ALL of the individual via caring, authentic, and meaningful learning relationships, experiences, and environments? How can educators unite, engage each other, community members, and policy makers to lead a better way forward. Language, framing, vision, and facilitating paradigm shifts and action are areas in which I excel. Creating caring, democratic learning communities, strengths/potentials-based learning, authentic project-based/problem-based, eduction, school design/flexible scheduling are some of my strengths. Thriving at the nexus of belonging and becoming.