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Dr. Eric Chagala

Founding Principal @VIDASHARKS • Faculty @hthgse • Coach @schoolretool • DLLF Fellow
San Diego, Ca

Eric Chagala (Ed.D. Educational Leadership) is the founding principal of the Vista Innovation & Design Academy (VIDA). Eric believes that all kids need a place to matter, that schools have souls and those souls need to be nurtured, and that our actions say what we believe about kids.

Eric’s belief in Design Thinking for education is deeply rooted in his dissertation that focused on the critical resiliency of high achieving Latino youth. This research solidified the knowledge (not just belief) that schools have the power to either defeat or to perpetuate the status-quo of a neighborhood.

Eric has spoken across North America in both workshops & Keynotes about Design Thinking, and to talk what it takes for school leaders to build a true school culture that will be ripe for innovation. In addition, Eric is on the Faculty for the Graduate School at High Tech High, he is an Apprentice Coach with Stanford University's "School Re-Tool" work at the famed http://d.School  (Institute of Design), and is a Deeper Learning Fellow with DLLF. In addition, Eric is the Co-Founder of #DesignCamp for Education.